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Travel Apps For Better Traveling


Since we are in the age of technology and the smartphone, what better aids to traveling are there than apps?  There are apps for almost everything today; from booking hotels and airfare to directions and finding the best places to eat. With technology today and its many apps it can be much less of a hassle to plan your trip perfectly leaving your mind at ease.

Before you set off for your travels you will find yourself looking for the best deals on hotels and airfare and train fare; which if you haven’t noticed already, there’s an app for that. Almost every booking service you find will have a coexisting app for your IPhone or Android. You’ll notice you can find tips for sightseeing, maps and directions, recommendations for local service and restaurants as well as finding the right establishments to suit your traveling needs freely at the touch a finger making your travel all the more enjoyable.

Here are the best travel apps so you can book, pack and go adventure as you like.


1. Expedia – Many of you already know this app is meant for you to search and book the usual flights and hotels but Expedia allows you to do that while having some unique deals. By using the app you can discover some special deals and discounts for mobile users, as you will also see some feedback to see if it is consistent from other users.

2. KAYAK– You probably have seen the commercials for this one, however travel search websites can often be a favorite for finding the best deals. This one in particularly allows you to also see deals on other websites such at Orbitz and Priceline in order to make sure you get the best deal out there.  Mainly KAYAK handles the search but you can now pre-pay for flights, hotels, car rentals etc.

3. Sky Scanner – Looking for cheap flights? Here is where you can be assisted in finding the cheapest flights from your home airport to anywhere in the world based on where is the cheapest to fly on that given day. Sky Scanner partners will the website

4. Google Flights– This is a great way to check if you are getting the best price for your flights before you decide to type in your credit card number and best part is it’s FREE. It also allows you to check whether or not different day options would better suit your financial needs. The only disadvantage is that its only available on the web.

5. City Guide, Offline Maps – City guide, Offline Maps is’s mobile app. The app and site let you explore your destination while making a loose itinerary of where you may want to eat, what you may want to see and do when you arrive. You can plan new trips and import itineraries you have made on the website.

6. TripAdvisor Offline City Guides– This app combines maps and suggestions of where to stay, eat, and visit on your trip abroad. You can download offline maps from the app as well to use where you have no internet access.

7. GateGuru – Gateguru is an app to navigate the worlds best and worst airports. Did you know there are some airports where you can take yoga while you wait for your flight?

8. Gogobot – This app helps you pick out the perfect excursions in any city around the world. You can find activities for the outdoorsy type, as well as those who would prefer to shop. Once you find what you like you can save the activities to an itinerary and when you pull these activities up you can find other local things such as restaurants and hotels near by if you would like to make an unexpected stop along the way.

9. Viator – If you are looking to save some money while doing your traveling, Viator is free and offers a service of finding you discounts and deals nearby or in the place you’re planning to visit as long as its in Viators list of cities and regions. The app offers great ideas of what to see and do but deals qualities and quantities vary by location.

10. Packing Pro– This one is for you super list makers. I know it may seem ridiculous to have an app to help make lists on what to pack but packing for a multiple person family can get quite confusing. It also contains a bunch of other reminders for booking or even to water your plants before you leave on vacation.


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