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How to Travel Ireland on a Budget

  • Make sure you purchase your tickets online ahead of time:
    If you purchase your tickets online ahead of time, most trains, buses and amusements offer a discount. *The Guinness Storehouse offers a 10% discount online.
    *Irish Rail is ½ the price if you purchase your ticket online in advance.
    Keyword: Advance!

  • Don’t buy books, borrow them.
    If there is a book you want just go into a bookstore with an attached café and read the book there. It may take all day or you may want divide the time up between a few days so you’re not spending an entire day in the bookstore but you save money since you aren’t paying for the book. This has quite the appeal on rainy days

  • Couch Surfing: In order to save money on hotels or hostels there is a website which provides you an option to crash at someones place or have them stay at yours.

  • Help X: Help X is another amazing website, which offers free accommodations and food in exchange for a few hours of work a day.This just goes to show that you can travel internationally on any budget.

  • Local Food Shopping/Cooking In: It is always helpful budget wise to take advantage of the local supermarkets in order to cook in whether you are staying in a hostel or couch surfing. Cooking in and going grocery shopping always tends to be cheaper and will allow your money to go a lot farther.


  • Hitchhike: I know in the United States hitch hiking isn’t such a common thing, however in Europe it is. It can be a great way to save money on transportation.

  • Ryan Air:  Ryan Air is one of Europes cheapest airlines.

  • 2 drink maximum: As we all known Ireland can be one of the biggest drinking countries however Alcohol can end up being your biggest expense if you let it. Be strict with yourself, keep your drinking at a minimum or don’t allow yourself to drink every night, skip a night or two.

  • Share a meal: To say you won’t eat out the entire time you are traveling internationally would be unrealistic. However, if you do eat out you can share a meal as portion sizes are rather large anyhow. Maybe order a small appetizer or a side of bread if you are really hungry but if you have someone to share with, try it out.

  • Skip the tourist traps: Whenever you are traveling to a big city, there are always loads of free stuff to do! YES, FREE!! You dont have to get to every pricy attraction; check your options before you travel. Pick a few attractions that for you are a must see and make those your special treats. I can promise you that the wax museum in France is no different than the one in the U.S.

  • Snacks: It can be easy to get carried away on big meals when your traveling abroad and eating every meal out. It’s quite easy to get hungry when you are walking around ALL day. You can stop at the local corner store or grocery store and pick up some snacks to carry with you to tide you over while you are exploring..

Fortunately for US citizens there are no visa costs to enter Ireland; all you need is your United States Passport. If you are traveling within 14 days or sooner and didn’t realize you passport was expired or that you needed one you can contact a private expediting service.

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