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What is an Acceptance Agent?

Acceptance agents are a lot like notaries. They are authorized by the government to witness the signing of the necessary documentation to process your passport. Acceptance agents can be found at many post offices. To find an acceptance agent near you, click here:

How does your service work?

Our clients begin the process on-line, by signing up to use our services. You will receive a detailed checklist of all the necessary documents required to obtain a passport. A customer service agent is assigned to each client to assist them in understanding the checklist and to make sure there are no errors. Once we receive your docuements we will process them in the time requested at the US Department of State. Once finished we will Fed-Ex priority back your passport and documents back to you safe and sound.

Do I need a U.S. passport to travel?

You will need a passport to travel every time you leave or enter the USA. The only exception is when you are traveling by land or sea to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda – for this you can use a passport card.

Why are you able to obtain a passport and visa so quickly?

Passport Study Abroad is partnered with Fastport Passport, which is a registered courier agency with the U.S. Department of State. This allows us to have a certain time slot everyday to walk in all of our applications. We hand carry all passports and visas to the official Passport offices and then pick them up when ready. As your third party expeditor we are able to process these documents quickly and easily for you.

Is there a guarantee in your processing time?

The only thing we can guarantee is that we will process your application correctly. Passport Study Abroad is not responsible for delays caused by couriers such as Fedex and we are not responsible for delays caused by the passport agency. The Passport Agency has many rules and regulations and from time to time will require extra information from our clients. Our team of experts will help you through that process if necessary and we will not leave you alone to handle it yourself, that is a guarantee we can make to you.

What is your fee for?

Passport Study Abroad charges a fee because through our partners we are authorized by the US Dept. of State to be able to walk in to their office on a daily basis and get your applications processed the same day. For any student and teacher the task of waiting in line for hours yourself may be an impossible task. We however eliminate that stress for you. However, if you were to go directly through the post office or government it would take 4-8 weeks. We handle the process entirely and will have your passport back to you in 24 hours rather than weeks with the traditional route.

Why do new passport applications have to be sealed by an Acceptance Agent?

This ensures that the documents were not tampered with before they get to the passport agency. For National security purposes there is no way around this.

I don’t have an official copy of a US Birth Certificate, do I need one?

Yes, you will need an official copy of your birth certificate (with the raised state seal) in order to process your passport. Your local state office should have your birth certificate on file. Otherwise, you can go to for assistance online.

How many years is my passport valid?

Your passport is valid for 10 years, if you were at least 16 when it was issued; otherwise it is only valid for 5 years.

Do I need a passport to travel to Canada or Mexico?

As of December 31, 2006 the U.S. State Department will require every U.S. citizen to possess a valid passport to travel by air or sea to Mexico and Canada. As of December 31, 2007 those crossing the borders by land will also need to have a passport. Birth certificates and a form of identification will no longer be allowed. Note: Because of the recent tightened security, Passport Study Abroad recommends this for all students and teachers possessing a passport (especially when traveling by air or sea).