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Turkish Bath Experience during Study Abroad by @drewbinsky7

Last summer, I was on a backpacking trip with some friends and we went through Istanbul.   This city, which is formerly known as Constantinople, has an incredibly unique culture and is probably the most interesting city I’ve ever been.  Before I went, I had briefly heard about a Turkish Bath.  All I knew was that […]

Best Day In Prague- an Awesome Guest Blog by @DrewBinsky7

The day was perfect.  It was finally warm enough outside to wear a shirt and shorts.  I was about 2 months into my study abroad program in Prague, Czech Republic.  The winter was long and cold, and it had taken a few months to fully adjust to the culture and my new home in Central Europe.   It was […]

India Adventure Part One

Salaam Mumbai.  We had spent a few days on Kovalam Beach near Trivandrum In back of the beaches were endless groves of coconut palms and banana trees and small fishing and farming villages. Lighthouse Beach, the longest and widest beach in the area, has been turned into a tourist center. The beach has a wide […]