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Travel Apps For Better Traveling

  Since we are in the age of technology and the smartphone, what better aids to traveling are there than apps?  There are apps for almost everything today; from booking hotels and airfare to directions and finding the best places to eat. With technology today and its many apps it can be much less of […]

“The Paris of South America”

  Studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina was the best summer of my life. Here are  3 reasons you must visit immediately.   1. Travel There are so many affordable destinations to explore outside of Buenos Aires. My favorite part of studying abroad in Argentina is the diversity of scenery spread around the country. If […]


  Many people see Varanasi as a pit as the streets are full of garbage,cows, goats, and people sitting in the streets, there are no sidewalks no sidewalks and shops spilling their wares into the streets with fruit and vegetable sellers spread all over.There are no rules of the road or walking or anything sometimes […]

The Confusing European Shower

We all know the challenges of culture shock. It is first hand experience that comes with the territory of visiting or living in a foreign country. However, there is one aspect of “culture shock” that no amount of pre course information packet or video seminar can teach you. This little detail is known as the […]

Europe’s Budget Airlines

  American airlines have nothing on European budget airlines. As an american you know how hard it is to find that cheap flight, but in europe it can be as cheap as hailing a cab to your local downtown hot spot. Ryan Air:     Ryanair offers more than 1,600 flights daily asEurope’s ultra-low cost […]

“Off with their heads!!”

“Off with their heads!!” So I’ve come to the conclusion that back in the day brits loved beheading people as I visited the Tower of London today. There are so many stories behind this amazing fortress, where many were imprisoned and beheaded like James Scott (an illegitimate son of the king), as well being associated […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

  There are only a few chance to study abroad and while you are student is one them. Studying abroad can be an experience of a lifetime and for some people may be the only opportunity to travel internationally. Haven’t considered it yet? Well here is just a few reasons why you should. Expand your […]

How To Not Look Like A Tourist When You Are Studying Abroad

There are many negative views that come with the world “tourist” when you are traveling internationally. Therefore when you are studying abroad you want to try to stay away from looking like one while you are living abroad. Although it may be inevitable to feel like an outsider during your stay, there are ways to […]

Sunday Funday – London Style

If you’re looking for some good prices on Burberry products you should definitely find your way to the Burberry Outlet. It’s a little out of the way, but if you get lucky you can find some good deals! Got myself a cute little bathing suit and something special for my dad! After that just go […]