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Travel Safety Tips

Traveling abroad is an amazing experience that should be taken to the utmost advantage once you have the opportunity.  When getting ready  to go travel, it can be nerve wracking to have everything planned out and each day fully anticipated. Especially studying abroad, it is vital to be fully prepared before leaving for lengthy amount of […]

Unique Study Abroad Destinations

The most popular places that students typically study abroad are England, France, Italy and Spain. One of the benefits to studying abroad in Europe is that there are so many counties that are just a cheap flight or train ride away. It is very appealing to students hoping to get to know as many places […]

Welcome to the Creep Show

Are you a true believer in the paranormal? Are you interested in the morbid and disturbing? Do you love to travel? On the day of Halloween, it is believed that the dead spirits of those who passed would come back in search of living bodies to possess. Traditionally, this was their only hope for the […]

Passports With Potter

“I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” STUPEFY! Grab your wand and hop on your Nimbus 2000; travel with us on a magical journey through London. It’s Passports with Potter.   Kings Cross Station First stop on the mystical ride is where the entry to the magical world begins. Welcome to the King’s […]

The Cure to Homesickness

Studying abroad is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have. However, it is also a time in your life where you will be met with challenges that you hadn’t otherwise experienced. Don’t get us wrong! You will make new friends, experience delicious cuisines, meet really amazing people along the way which will […]

Journey to Spirituality

Traveling is all about developing ourselves as people in society.  We experience personal growth when we explore the world and expose ourselves to different cultures. For many who have studied abroad, they have felt a connection to nature or to those around them who cross their paths. In Buddhism, enlightenment is the ultimate goal which […]

Eat, Play, Love

We created a perfect guide throughout Europe based on one of our favorite novels, “Eat, Pray, Love”. This is a map to our own perfect vacation that focuses on our three favorite pastimes: eating, dancing, and romancing. If you are studying abroad in Europe this semester, try visiting these three European cities with a specific purpose […]

Roadtrip to Gibraltar

If you are studying abroad in Spain, taking a day trip to Gibraltar is a must see. Gibraltar is British Overseas Territory that is located at the Southern edge of Spain. When I went, we rented a car and drove through Andalusia (the southernmost part of Spain). You show your passport to the border, where […]

Pura Vida

Costa Rica has to be one of the most fun and active countries I have visited. There is never a dull moment. If you are as adventurous as I am and love thrill seeking activities, do not miss visiting this beautiful country! Here is a list of must activities while  in Costa Rica: 1. Manuel […]